How Abundant Life Ministries Benefits from Loaves & Fishes

Charlottesville’s Abundant Life Ministries demonstrates God’s love through holistic community development in the Prospect neighborhood. The ministry started in 1996 and includes three main pillars: Spiritual Development, Academic Support and Economic Empowerment.

Anne Brown, director of community engagement for Abundant Life said that she’s grateful for all that Loaves & Fishes provides to the community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.“Household budgets are being depleted due to the additional time at home which increases utility costs and grocery expenses. Loaves & Fishes has been an excellent resource. Neighbors with food stamps are often unable to provide enough food for their children and welcome being able to obtain nutritious food,” she said. “Neighbors report they’ve had very positive experiences at Loaves & Fishes. People are so nice and pleasant. It’s also helpful to have more fresh food than non-perishables. The pandemic has impacted working families that have never needed to seek assistance with food before.”

In a program held each Tuesday, Abundant Life/Fifeville neighbors enjoyed meals from Cultivate Charlottesville, Cville Cares, and Frontline Foods with fresh produce provided by Loaves & Fishes.  “All the neighbors loved having the fresh produce with their meals and the meal distributors enjoyed sharing their recipes for vegetables and fruits that some neighbors were trying for the first time.”

During the pandemic, Academic Support for K-12 includes half-day (M-Th) in-person programming for elementary students providing a structured environment to support students and parents with virtual learning. After school tutoring for middle school students from Buford and Walker Schools is offered Monday through Thursday at Buford Middle School. Abundant Life is also developing a plan to offer tutoring for high school students and a quiet study space with internet access.

In a time when many are unable to work, Economic Empowerment becomes an even more critical need. Abundant Life’s Dollars and $ense program is a nine-week adult personal finance class on budgeting, savings and growing personal assets. Several of the participants have become first-time homeowners.

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