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Loaves & Fishes relies on the support of 125 volunteers each week to help us inspect, sort, pack, and give out fresh produce, meat, bread, and shelf-stable commodity items. Shifts are offered six days each week and range in length from 90 minutes to four hours. Volunteers work alongside staff members, and training is provided at the start of each shift, so no prior experience is needed for any of our jobs.

People struggle with hunger right here in Charlottesville. Map the Meal Gap, a project of Feeding America, found that Charlottesville in 2021 had the highest level of food insecurity in our area, with 11.2% of the population as a whole unable to access enough healthy food each month, and child food insecurity at 12.1%.


The food Loaves & Fishes gives out comes from local groceries, farmers, orchards, food distributors, and food drives.  Donations include frozen meat, fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, baked goods, prepared foods and dairy.

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