C’ville Craft Aid Comes to the Rescue with Face Masks for All

Jen Koym didn’t imagine that her love of crafts and sewing would turn into managing an in-demand service to the community. But when COVID-19 arrived in Charlottesville, the need for protective face coverings in our community and other PPE for healthcare workers became an overnight desperate demand. Jen wasted no time creating kits for more than 130 active sewers to take home and sew, returning the completed masks for distribution to the in-need community.

When Loaves & Fishes is open for grocery pickup, staff and volunteers offer masks made and donated by Cville Craft Aid to their customers, asking that, the safety of all, all customers wear masks when picking up their groceries.

You can support C’ville Craft Aid by donating, buying masks, or by volunteering to sew. Sewers are supplied patterns and materials, as needed. The organization is partnering with UVa Children’s Hospital for the holidays to sew medical dolls for young patients, tote bags, hats, and blankets, all in support of families who will be spending the holiday season with a child at the hospital.

We’re grateful to C’ville Craft Aid for all they do in the community, and for the 1,500 masks they have made to date for Loaves & Fishes!