Meet Hidden Pines Processing

In 2003, Shawn Woolfolk started Hidden Pines Processing on his farm where he grows crops and raises beef cattle. The first year, he processed approximately 300 to 400 deer.  For a few years, he continued at that pace, and slowly expanded his capacity. In 2019, Hidden Pines processed more than 2,200 deer and 50 bears, and they’re on track for as many in 2020.

Hidden Pines has worked with Hunters for the Hungry for several years; each year Shawn gets a list of approved recipients including Loaves & Fishes, Feeding Greene, Empowering Culpeper, and the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank in Charlottesville.  The mission of Hunters for the Hungry is to give hunters a way to continue a sport they love and to donate processed deer to organizations feeding people in need.

In 2019, Hidden Pines donated 4,409 pounds of venison to Loaves & Fishes.  Clients are so grateful to receive the venison – and when the hunting season nears, many ask when they will get some! 

Shawn’s wife Ali, shared that they are delighted to be able to help so many people who need food. She said their motto is “We can do hard things together.”  And Shawn and Ali continue to live that motto with their generosity.  She noted that several processers have been forced to close – which means even more volume for them.  This results in seven-day work weeks; however, she knows they are providing good meat for people who can’t afford it.  And that, she says, is propelling Hidden Pines to work through a very busy season.

Pictured: The Woolfolk family, Ali, Emerson, and Shawn